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This privacy statement applies to information collected by this website.

Browsing this Website

This website uses cookies as explained, right. It does not collect any personal information about users browsing this website.

Reserving or Making Bookings via this Website

To reserve or make a booking, personal information will be required for obvious reasons and we request only the minimum needed at that particular stage.

Any personal information received is used only by us personally in the course of our business with you.

The Bookalet service which we use to handle availability and parts of the booking process has its own privacy statement.

Links To and from This Website

This website contains links to other websites. Those websites are governed by their own privacy statements, for which we are not responsible.

Other websites link to this website. Those, too, are governed by their own privacy statements, for which again we are not responsible.


If you have any queries or concerns, you can contact us using the contact details on the front page.

Cookies and This Website

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored in your web browser. They were invented to make shopping carts work and so enable e-commerce. Cookies allow the website to keep track of the contents of your shopping basket as you move from one shopping page to another.

A number of websites provide more information about cookies. However, a good starting point is probably the BBC’s cookie explanation, though probably any well-known UK retailer or UK high street bank has equally good sections on this subject.

Why are Cookies Being Used on This Website?

Just as in the shopping basket case outlined above, the cookies in use on this website allow a visitor’s browsing session to be followed from page to page in the website. This, coupled with a statistics package, allows us to get insights into how the website is being used, and where visitors came from.

The statistics package that we are using is Google Analytics, a very commonly used package. In common with other statistics packages, Google Analytics uses several different cookies so that technical information about a visitor’s browsing session can be collected such as:

  • from which website the visitor came from,
  • which web pages the visitor looked at,
  • the browser used, and
  • other technical information available in the web browser such as which operating system the visitor is using.

No personal information is collected.

The information collected is stored by Google. Google explains how it safeguards the data collected and provides a link to an opt-out tool. For details of the specific cookies used, see the next section.

The Cookies Used on This Website

  • euComplianceCookie. This cookie is stored in the web browser on its first visit to this website. The existence of the cookie means that a notification was shown in the web browser that cookies are used on this website, as required by EU law. The EU’s requirements as they apply in the UK are administered by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), and are set out in the ICO's guide to cookies.
  • Various cookies used by the Google Analytics service. For a list and explanation of the purpose of each cookie that Google uses.